We are experts at identifying and realising potential


Innovation is key to the business. With our level of expertise, strong experience and reputation, we are able not only to move quickly but to cater the structure to our client's needs.

In most cases we prefer opportunities that are standing investments – prime investment assets let on long leases to strong covenants.  However, where appropriate, we consider forward funding and forward commitments.

We source funding from a variety of experienced investors and from well-known and well regarded financial institutions and banks.

We then take full responsibility for managing the asset.  We actively look to optimise asset values and returns.

Through consultation with the client, we determine the most appropriate and advantageous time to sell the property in order to gain maximum value from the transaction.

After selling an asset the investor may choose to reinvest in another property.


We manage all aspects of the acquisition process, including administering relationships with the professionals involved in the legal process all the way through to the structuring of investment vehicles and completion process.

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