About Aprirose


Our Values

Our principles have always been, and will continue to be the same: integrity, knowledge, dedication, experience

Founded in 1987 by Chairman Mansukh Gudka, Aprirose Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

A wealth of experience through multiple economic cycles, deep relationships and their unique ability to identify and execute opportunities consistently has allowed Aprirose to deliver performance across a variety of sectors in the UK real estate market.

Managing a portfolio of more than £1 billion and with more than 300 deals transacted since inception, Aprirose is in prime position to act where we identify potential and advantage.

Our pool of in-house multi-disciplinary talent means that it can reduce the need for lengthy internal processes or extensive external consultation, allowing Aprirose to quickly structure a proposition, and identify, negotiate and highlight 'pinch-points' at an early stage. In the last five years we have transacted £1.5 billion of real estate transactions.

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